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Haitian Migrants Surge Del Rio

Ciudad Acuña is no stranger to migrants. However, this month’s surge is unlike anything the city has seen.


The New York Times reported Sunday that close to 14,000 migrants have converged on Del Rio, Texas to seek asylum. Most of them waded across a dam in Acuña where the water is knee-deep.


Yackeline Manzano Ortiz, 34, lives a block away from the dam, on the Mexican side.


"(On Monday), we started seeing a lot of Haitian people walking down the street, and thought it was just the normal migration that we’ve been having for two years now. We thought it was another caravan coming in.”


Nahua Communties under siege by cartel

Sixto Mendoza Limpia has not left his hometown in 10 years. He fears being killed if he steps outside of the area he  polices as a member of the CRAC-PC - an armed group that defends indigenous communities. Many Nahua residents of the Montaña Baja of Guerrero like Mendoza seldom leave their communities out of fear. Los Ardillos - a cartel that rules through extortion - has killed dozens of Mendoza's colleagues since 2010. Residents have created a fragile peace where they live - at the cost of facing death if they leave the small area their community police patrol.

Antonieta Santos is a widow from the community of Xochitempa. Her husband, Salvador Reyes was the community's secretary but was killed on April 28 when he left the town...


Wat Khmer Austin Aims to Expand, Bring Cambodian Monks to Central Texas

Along a backroad near Coupland, among dilapidated farmhouses, cattle, tractors and cotton fields, stands a sign welcoming people to the “Wat Khmer Austin”. On the property of this Cambodian Buddhist Wat, sits a modest farmhouse-style building with a silver siding and a red roof, which currently receives visitors for community events and religious services. There is little on the property but an equipment shed. It might not look like much yet, but the Cambodian community of Central Texas has plans to further transform the land into a sanctuary for the community.


Cameroonian  Asylum-Seekers languish in Mexican Border Cities

People around the world are embarking on a journey of peril and uncertainty to reach the United States border and request asylum from a government ill-disposed to admitting refugees. Most asylum-seekers come with nearly nothing but the desire to be free from persecution and insecurity. Current trends in immigration policy are complicating matters for victims of persecution who with a genuine need to leave their homes and start their lives anew in an unfamiliar place.


As Austin Builds New Affordable Housing Units, Some Worry It's Too Little, Too Late

For many Austin residents being priced out of their homes, the City is doing too little too late to offset the effects of soaring property values and gentrification. Brian Wenz is a 70-year-old musician who also repairs guitars at his Zilker apartment where he has lived for nearly 20 years. His landlord wants to knock down the building to replace it with a bigger, more profitable one to rent out. He told him to vacate by the end of this year. However, Wenz said has nowhere to go as he cannot find an affordable option.


Jesta’ Pizza reopens in Jester Residence Hall with upgraded features

Jesta’ Pizza, which makes personalized pizzas in Jester Residence Hall, celebrated its grand reopening Wednesday with free pizza and a prize wheel with vouchers for free food and drinks.  The restaurant had its soft opening Monday and is now fully operational after being closed for renovations since spring 2019.

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